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Customer Experience in your pharmacy: why it is important

Customer experience, what is it exactly? And why is it so important? When we talk about customer experience, we refer to a person’s every touchpoint with a company. Or in this case: with a pharmacy. Each touchpoint causes a different experience and differs per channel. But what are these channels? Well, think of your pharmacy itself, your website, brochures, social media …

Customer experience is putting your client first

A proper customer experience is imperative, even during a pharmacy visit. Your patients will always want the best experience, no matter where or when. This goes from waiting time to advice. Of course it isn’t the simplest task, considering the array of time consuming tasks that pharmacists face. And right there is where Meditech comes in. We aim to help, with custom solutions and advice.

A good customer experience starts by listening to your patients. This is the only way to truly put them first. It’s their feedback that comes in useful for potential future changes to your pharmacy. Changes you yourself might not have thought about. As a pharmacist, you should put yourself in your patient’s shoes. What do people want when visiting a pharmacy? How can you meet everyone’s needs? Reaching people’s expectations starts with empathising with them.

4 types of customer experience

There’s 4 kinds of customer experience your patients can have with your pharmacy. We used specific examples and tips to make the matter clear.

Negative & consciously

Think of long waiting lines at the cash register or phone. Too little human interaction or too basic advice. Such experiences lead to a conscious negative memory of your pharmacy. A patient’s reaction will therefore also be negative. They might not return, spread bad word of mouth, post negative comments online ….
A prolonged waiting period is often caused due to the time consuming task of looking for medication in your stock. This hinders human contact, which is crucial for both pharmacist and patient. Meditech wants to give back time to pharmacists – a promise we make true thanks to our robots. Our robots deliver your products fast and flawless, while you as a pharmacist can properly interact with your patients. This allows everyone in your pharmacy to win time, but also strengthens the bond with your customers.

Negative & subconsciously

This experience is less direct, which is why we catalogue it as subconscious. A messy environment, cluttered shelves, an overload of (old) advertisements … Patients get a chaotic impression, which causes them to indirectly create a negative link with the pharmacy.

It is, however, only natural as a pharmacist to want to show as many products as possible. That doesn’t mean we can’t change how we do it. A robot allows you to stock more products in less space – away from your client’s eye. And you can even do advertisements differently. Digital screens win popularity in every sector. And with right: you gain space whilst showcasing a lot more products. Our MT.VISION is the perfect solution: more room for new possibilities, such as a kid’s corner, private advice cubicle …

Positive & subconsciously

This mostly refers to the feeling of safety a patient experiences. Are the products you deliver to him/her/them correct? Has the expiration date not yet passed? Did you give enough information?

A robot avoids per definition any human mistakes. Thanks to scanning and the verification of dimensions, a robot will always deliver the correct product. A pharmacy robot can even track down expired products and preventively remove them from your stock. This again allows you to focus on your role as an advisor.

Positive & consciously

This is by far the best customer experience one can have. Needless to say, this experience is what you aim for. As a pharmacist, this means focussing on your core function as an advisor. Meditech strives to take over as many tasks that don’t require a human touch as possible. Such as stocking, optimizing, delivering … your products. When these tasks are no longer your concern, you regain time to invest in your patients, who’ll reward you with their loyalty.

You can even invest in a fantastic customer experience after business hours. With a 24/7 wall dispenser, you are always available for products such as sunscreen, condoms, wound care… Our MT.MATIC will help you deliver that customer experience, and with that, your revenue.

Every positive customer experience translates itself in a win-win situation for both your client and your pharmacy. Convinced to invest in an excellent customer experience? Curious on how you’ll get more out of your pharmacy? Let’s get in touch!