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Pharmacie des Voiles, Brest (FR)

Mr Vourch is the head pharmacist of the Pharmacie des Voiles, Brest (France). He has chosen Meditech to automize his pharmacy. We’ve asked him three questions to explain why he has chosen our pharmacy robot.

Why did you choose a Meditech robot?

I moved the pharmacy to a new and growing area of Brest, and I chose to automate my pharmacy with a robot in order to support future growth.

What has changed positively in day-to-day business since using the machine?

  • The comfort of daily work
  • More time with the patient and therefore better advice
  • Inventory management and serialization

Would you always recommend Meditech robots because …?

I would recommend Meditech because the pharmacy robot is very fast and reliable, The after-sales service is very attentive and efficient.


Counter exit for order
Pharmacie des Voiles interior
exit on counter for medecins
detail of exit
Pharmacie des Voiles - team picture
interior pharmacy
pharmacy robot Meditech