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Ready-to-use pharmacy robot
The MT.XS delivery robot is an entry level model that offers the chief benefits of automation. This compact robot is ideally suited for small and medium-sized pharmacies.
The MT.XS is our compact pharmacy robot for those who have less available space
Fixed dimensions and fixed design
Requires less maintenance (non-rotating arm, no mechanical moving parts)
Fast availability
Robot with the smallest floor width: 1.48 m
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Our pharmacy robots are able to pick several products in one go
Our robots can pick several items at once

Multi-picking & multi-packaging manipulator

The robot arm can deliver multiple packages of different dimensions at the same time.
There is no rotation in our pharmacy robots, making sure you enjoy a lower maintenance
There is no rotation in our robots, resulting in lower maintenance

Non-rotating manipulator

The boxes are grasped/deposited both left and right on the manipulator.
Our pharmacy robots are all silent in use
Our pharmacy robots are all noiseless

Silent operation

Maintenance-free and fully enclosed guides ensure near silent operation.
Enjoy a lower maintenance thanks to our pharmacy robots having an open gate
No extra maintenance thanks to the open gate in our robots

Electronic load module

Load module without mechanical moving parts requires less maintenance.
Our robots do predictive management and prevent overstock, shortage and expired products
Our robots do predictive management to prevent shortage, overstock or expired products

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance to guarantee optimum functioning of the pharmacy robot.
Pharmacy robot with constant camera monitoring
Our robots ensure constant monitoring of all your products

Continuous image recording

Two cameras on the manipulator monitor and record every movement.
MT.XS product brochure with all technical details



The robot has a fixed design.


L: 3.750 / 4.750 / 5.750 / 6.750 / 7.750 / 11.750 mm
H: 2.370 / 2.585 / 2.800 mm / 3.010 mm
B: 1.480 mm


1st floor, behind OTC wall, …

Storage methode

Maximises the storage capacity of the robot through flex storage


25.000 packages


Compatible with a limited selection of Meditech robot upgrades and digital solutions

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