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Digital wall dispenser
The MT.MATIC is a smart wall dispenser that is linked to your pharmacy robot. The robot enables customers to pick up their orders, you can sell more products... and this 24/7. Our integrated on-call module also helps you through your ‘on-call pharmacy’ days.
The MT.MATIC is the ultimate wall dispenser for your pharmacy
24/7 click & collect
Linked with Meditech pharmacy robot
On-call module with video call capability
Take back system if product is not removed from the tray


The MT.MATIC has a digital scanner for QR-codes and more
The MT.MATIC has a digital scanner to check patients' QR-codes and more

Easy to use

Digital scanner for e-recipe, QR code,…
The MT.MATIC has multiple payment methods
You have several available payment methods on the MT.MATIC


Multiple payment options
Camera-controlled product dispensing
A camera checks if the delivered product truly is correct before you pick it up


Camera-controlled product dispensing
24/7 helpdesk service available for all your questions
You can always reach us with our 24/7 helpdesk service


Available 24/7
Built-in video system for face time on the MT.MATIC
The MT.MATIC allows your patients to videocall you when they have questions

Extra feature

Built-in video system for face time
Meditech Pharma MT.Matic brochure with all technical details



Dimensions: 850 x 1834 mm


Easy to build into the façade of the pharmacy


Security system keeps fingers/hands from getting stuck


Burglar proof


Stainless steel

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