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Let patients enjoy a revolutionary customer experience with our pharmacy solutions

Time savings for you and your customers

Customer experience is more than just a fancy marketing term. Pharmacists must also invest in positive customer experiences and Meditech makes a valuable contribution in this regard.

A pharmacy robot takes time-consuming tasks off your hands. These time savings can be used to focus fully on your advisory role. A robot also delivers a faster service than when medication is retrieved manually. This reduces patient waiting times, making for a positive customer experience. The MT.SPEED robot is even capable of delivering 15 packages in under 3 seconds – the ultimate proof that both parties save considerable amounts of time.

Install a wall dispenser and let your patients enjoy a revolutionary customer experience

Sell 24/7 with a wall dispenser

Meditech enables pharmacies to sell products outside opening times. Pharmacists who install the MT.MATIC wall dispenser gives their patients the opportunity to buy certain pharmaceutical products at any time of day, including after opening times.

The wall dispenser is connected to the pharmacy robot so pharmacists don’t have to worry about stocks. The entire system works as an organism that keeps you posted without requiring any active involvement.

A wall robot also delivers an indirect customer service: more flexibility for your customers. Your patients are no longer restricted by your opening times, on-call pharmacies… thereby fostering customer loyalty. The digital screen of the wall robot can also be used to communicate opening times and closure periods, introduce new products, …


Give patients a revolutionary customer experience by using our digital screens

Innovative image

It may seem like a detail but it’s not to be underestimated: the image of your pharmacy. Investing in a robot and/or digital screens will boost your image as a modern pharmacy. Moreover, it attracts potential customers because the moving images immediately catch the eye in the shop window.