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Simple and efficient transport
Our MT.T options move medication quickly and efficiently to the counter or workshop. From the first floor, the basement, ... requested products are easily transported from point A to B.
MT.T Transport solutions for your pharmacy robot
Simple and effective way of transporting medication from point A to B
Can be linked to pharmacy robot on the first floor, in the basement or a remote storage location.
Adapted configuration geared to the interior of the pharmacy
High delivery reliability and availability


Conquer any distance with the conveyor belt

Conveyor belt

Conquer any distance with the help of an automated conveyor belt.
A tobogan is one of our many transport solutions for your pharmacy.


The medicine boxes will smoothly slide from a higher floor to your counter in a beautiful tobogan.
A lift is used when the pharmacy robot is placed in the cellar.


A robot in the cellar is no issue: our lift solution transports every medicine box with ease to your counter
A slide is often used to combine different transport components.


A multi-purpose solution to cover a short distance via gravity or to help create the link between a robot & different transport components.
a switch is one of our many transport solutions for medicines in the pharmacie to the counter


A switch is installed on a conveyor belt to distribute medicine boxes at different locations or counters.
A medicube is placed as an exit at the pharmacy counter


A Medicube exit is used when the robot is placed on the first floor or cellar and is combined with a tobogan or lift solution.
A MT.Splitter is used when using one exit tray for 2 seperate counters


MT.Splitter is an exit tray that gives the possibility to use one robot exit for 2 counters.
MT.T Simple and efficient transport system



Configurable to reach virtually every corner of the pharmacy


The combination of multiple solutions is possible.

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