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Pharmacy interior design trends

Every pharmacist tries to become the ‘regular’ pharmacist of his clients. They know the medical history of their patient and some personal details. As a result, the patient always feels at ease and is more likely to share/tell about some health or mental issues.

Not only your service is essential in becoming a patient coach, but your pharmacy interior design can also do the trick. Because let us be honest, who is not more at ease in an interior that breaths peace of mind?

To help you get some inspiration, we dove into the latest interior design trends and made a summary of the biggest trends.

  • Recycling / Upcycling

This trend is a result of eco-conscious consumer behaviour. Recycling and upcycling furniture/materials is always a great way to give a unique touch to your pharmacy interior.

vintage pharmacy

  • Home-like, peaceful design

You want your patients to feel comfortable when discussing mental or health issues. So why not create a comfy (more discrete) corner in your pharmacy. Use materials that are soft and feel like home.

  • Bring nature into your pharmacy

This is certainly one of the most recent trends due to the COVID pandemic. We want to bring nature inside our home, offices and why not pharmacy?

modern pharmacy interior

Plants were always known for their air-purifying effect and bringing nature into your interior. We call that a win-win. So maybe use some plants to add focus on your natural products section and let them attract the attention of your patients.

  • How can Meditech contribute?

Did you know that our digital screens can be easily integrated into your pharmacy design? You can use them as an OTC wall or as a promotional feature. Simply hang or embed them in your interior.

Our pharmacy robot MT.XL is also fully adaptable to your interior. Is the robot visible in the front of the pharmacy? Why not add some glass to give an extra touch. Or chose between our different colours to match your interior.

You can also go fully creative and put your robot in a sticker coverage. Maybe jungle or cartoon style? creative design pharmacy robot

Let your imagination run wild and choose an interior that turns your pharmacy into a ‘home’ pharmacy.