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Meditech equals quality

Here, at Meditech, we always want to deliver 100% of the best quality. So we can give our clients, our pharmacists, peace of mind.

Now, what measures do we take to ensure this quality?

  • Only the best components

Our R&D team makes sure that they check every component available in the market. The parts undergo various and strict tests in our R&D lab. Only the best, the ones that meet our standards, will pass and be used in our automation products.

  • Training Meditech employees

Every Meditech employee undergoes an intensive training when they start in our company. They learn how every part is chosen for a specific purpose and reason. They go on the road with our installation team to understand how a robot is installed and how it functions in its natural habitat.

  • Testing every pharmacy robot

We built up every robot in our production area before we install it in the customer’s pharmacy. We let it have a test run for a minimum of a whole week. Just to make sure that every part of the Meditech robot functions well and that we deliver a 100% quality product.

  • Predictive & preventive maintenance

Once the pharmacy robot is installed, we don’t leave our customers hanging… Our after-sales service also plays a big part in our quality story.

Every maintenance contract is standardized with our predictive & preventive maintenance policy. This means that, via our AI software, we will plan regular maintenance to prevent your Meditech robot from breaking down.