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Apotheke Straussen (DE)

Mr Rifaie is the head pharmacist of the Straussen-Apotheke in Hattingen (Germany). He has chosen Meditech to automize his pharmacy. We’ve asked him three questions to explain why he has chosen our pharmacy robot.

Why did you choose a Meditech robot?

Meditech is a fresh and dynamic company, whose personal approach and high reliability have convinced me and still inspire me today, over a year after the installation! Their first machine in Germany ran flawlessly from day one!

What has changed positively in day-to-day business since using the machine?

  • Less depreciation of goods, as warehouse management “on the fly”
  • more consultation time
  • fewer back-office staff required, as storage is automatic

You would always recommend Meditech robots because …?

The virtually maintenance-free, solid technology is above average reliable. Incidentally, I have already recommended Meditech with a clear conscience … and would do it again and again!


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