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Summer & digital solutions in your pharmacy

There’s still one month of summer left so let’s anticipate your patient’s summer needs. Below we have summarized some tips on how to use your digital communication platforms during these last summer weeks.

  • Merchandise and show your product range

As a pharmacist, it’s important to inform your patients and adapt your product information to their needs per season. In summer, your patients’ needs often change to more summer products such as sunscreen, insect spray, skincare…

A digital screen is an easy way to display merchandising of summer products, special promos, how-to videos… With our MT. VISION screens, you can even create your own digital OTC wall. Thanks to our new software platform Lochting, you will always have an updated product range in your pharmacy for less work & time.

Use our digital dispenser MT. MATIC to inform passing clients that they can find certain products in your pharmacy or remind them that it’s important to use summer products like sunscreen.

  • Inform your patient about the why/how of a product

You can also use your digital screens to communicate more information about a product. For example: Why should a person use sunscreen, which sunscreen should they use, how often do you need to reapply, what should they bring in their little travel pharmacy? This way, your patient feels guided, even without having to ask for help. If they need more info, you are always there to help with professional advice.

  • Use digital communication to communicate about your pharmacy

Inform your client about your services by displaying info on your digital screens or digital dispenser.
Do you stay open in summer? Can you give specialised advice for certain skin conditions, young children, …? Do you offer a summer skincare workshop? Our digital products are the perfect tool to keep your patients up to date.

  • Stay connected during holidays

The digital solutions of Meditech, like our MT. VISION allows you to stay visible to your clients, even after opening hours. The MT. MATIC allows clients to buy products 24/7 and as he is linked to your pharmacy robot, you don’t need to worry about refilling the dispenser every day.  This way, you can still provide your service to your patients even while enjoying your holiday.

In conclusion, a lot to communicate even during summer! And our digital solutions can certainly help with that 😉