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Digital pharmacy communication
Our MT.VISION digital touch screens give your pharmacy that little bit extra. A digital OTC wall, attractive product displays and shop windows that stop passers-by in their tracks: our screens do all of that and more.
The MT.VISION digital communication screens are perfect to provide information inside your pharmacy
Creates added value in the pharmacy
Display more products while taking up less space
Fully stocked shelves at all times
Less stock needed


All of our robots and solutions can be linked with each other
All of our robots can be linked to each other, ensuring a smooth service

Link with robot

Link with Meditech pharmacy robot possible.
All Meditech products are cloud based so that everything is safely stored
All of our products are cloud based so that all information is safely stored

Online web app

Downloading software is not necessary

Screen management

Management of multiple screens in multiple locations possible
24/7 helpdesk service available for all your questions
You can always reach us with our 24/7 helpdesk service


available 24/7
MT.VISION digital communication screens: technical information



IR (Infrared), HD (High Definition) or high bright screens


Different screen sizes: 43”, 46”, 55”, tablet


Different uses: OTC wall, publicity screen, shop window…

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