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Pharmacy Chemistworks Wetherill Park (AUS)

Chemistworks Wetherill Park is a pharmacy located in Australia. It is part of a big group of pharmacies across NSW.

The pharmacy is open 24/7 so you can imagine that automation of certain tasks/processes is a must. Head pharmacist Mrs Bronger had the same idea.

Our dealer Demodeks had a chat and asked why they have chosen the Belgian manufacturer of pharmacy robots.

Why did you choose to automate your pharmacy?

We had had some experience with automation in some of our pharmacies but it wasn’t until we were bought to our knees as COVID hit Australia and in particular our stores in South Western Suburbs of Sydney. As the leader of the group I quickly realised how much we truly needed to get rid of the administrative tasks that had crept in over the years and were impacting our team’s productivity and more importantly job satisfaction. We have now embarked on a journey to make it easier for them to serve customers and let technology do the administration. Automation is one of those tools.

Can you explain the process experienced  – from first contact with meditech to this moment?

I had experience and existing relationships with established companies in the market and really set out to purchase these. However, I had a short timeframe to shop fit and couldn’t get the machines in time. I reached out to my networks and was out in contact with Meditech. Within two days they flew in and were onsite quoting.

Technically, throughout the process they were exceptional. Their sales team are well versed in the capability of the machines and their functionality. When I had queried on tailoring the offer to my business’ function that was unique which hadn’t been done before they hung up the phone. Took ten minutes to test with their test robot and called me back in ten minutes. This is innovation.

To my shock, there were zero hiccups with the installation. Indeed the robot, which came flat packed, was set up, operating and the staff trained in three days less that the original promise.

“It gives me a level of comfort.”

Jon and Paul are receptive and quick to resolve any teething issues we have and my team is smiling again post COVID. I’ve been grateful that we have the machine during this flu season with staff illness. It’s still tough but not as tough as it could have been and I plan to roll them out in other stores over the next few months. Working with Jon and Paul on different stores they are relentless in getting the right machine, the right delivery mechanism and the right positioning in the store not just selling. That gives me a level of comfort.

What is the biggest difference for your pharmacy since the installation of the Meditech robot?

Productivity increases and staff smiles.

What would you say to pharmacies who are considering investing in a robot?

Firstly, you have to do the numbers to make sure you are getting the ROI for your situation. Then talk to the companies to find the right machine and solution for you. Like any supplier you’re in it for the long haul, so make sure that it’s a partnership for the long-term growth, productivity and profitability of your business.

“That’s what I believe I stumbled across with Meditech, a partnership.”


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