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Pharmacie Tilman (BE)

The name Tilman is a well-known name in the pharmacy world under which various natural remedies are produced and distributed. However, it was in Pharmacie Tilman,  that it all started in 1956. Grandfather Tilman opened a pharmacy in Bomal-sur-Ourthe and after several generations, it is still serving local patients.

In 2018, the third generation started a renovation project (partly new build) and was looking for an automation partner. Meditech won the trust and was able to automate renovated Pharmacie Tilman.

After a thorough analysis of the building and daily sales, the team followed the advice to install a custom MT.XL robot. The delivery robot is located just behind the OTC cabinet with 5 direct counter outputs. In addition, our MT.OPTIMAT helps with the automatic storage of the delivered medicines.

Our MT.VISION digital screens welcome around 180 pharmacy customers every day and serve as both digital OTC and as an advertising and information screen.

In order to be able to serve customers 24/7, our MT.MATIC wall dispenser is installed in the facade.

Pharmacie Tilman_wall dispenser Meditech
Pharmacie Tilman_pharmacie counter
Pharmacie Tilman_digital screens MT.VISION
Pharmacie Tilman_Meditech client