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Pharmacie Château (FR)

Pharmacie Château in Dettwiller (Grand Est, France) is a local pharmacy that is part of the pharmacy group Giropharm. Mr. Klein, head pharmacist chose our solutions after a visit to a colleague equipped by Meditech.

“My choice fell on a modern combination of a robot with a quick fix for the most common lines and of course with an automatic charger and all this right behind the counters. I have seen such a tool from the Meditech brand work in two pharmacies; a few minutes of observation were enough to convince me. By choice of modernity, I immediately opted for Meditech screens. “

In 2018, Mr Klein wanted to expand the pharmacy. It was the perfect opportunity to automate the pharmacy. Although the building presented some challenges, we found a tailor-made solution for Mr Klein.

“I had two technical constraints: a support pole in the back office (not very well placed) and a 1 meter pit to dig to accommodate the machine corresponding to my turnover. Meditech knew how to deal with these difficulties. Training: very easy! two hours for each group by a Meditech engineer, that was enough to start on the opening day.

None of my staff would want to go back, and clients are very enthusiastic about the modernity and appreciate the guided tour of our facility. “

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