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Pharmacie Boschetti (FR)

Pharmacie Boschetti in Bondues (Hauts-de-France, France) is part of a pharmacy group Leader Santé and a client reference in France. Thanks to a recommendation of another pharmacist, Mme. Isabelle Boschetti has chosen us to automize her pharmacy.

Our MT.XS robot with the internal automatic ranger (MT.INTEGRATED) really upgraded Pharmacy Boschetti and Nestor has already become an appreciated member of the team.

During a follow-up visit, we asked Ms Boschetti a few questions about her experience with Meditech.

What are according to you the most important advantages of a Meditech robot?

  • Added value to my pharmacy and the modern image that a robot bring
  • Quick storage of my orders and management of my expired ones
  • The robot frees us a lot of time, for the benefit of our patients and our new missions

How did you choose Meditech? 

  • Following the recommendation of a fellow pharmacist
  • I had a good relationship with the Meditech team

How long did it take you to adapt to the robot?

The handling of the robot was very intuitive especially with regard to the delivery of the medicines. The helpdesk hotline is also available to assist us with any question.

How did your team react to the arrival of the robot?

The team had a very enthusiastic reaction when they heard that we were installing a robot.

How did you put your time savings to good use?

Thanks to the time freed by the robot, we are going to set up workshops for our customers (creation of cosmetics, dietetic workshop, workshop for young mothers).

Pharmacie_Boschetti_reference Meditech
Pharmacie_Boschetti_client reference Meditech