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Pharmacy Kinget (BE)

Pharmacy Kinget in Bertrem is 1 of the 3 branches that Kinget now has in Belgium.

The pharmacy location in Bertrem was a new construction project. After a thorough study, we decided to place the robot on the 1st floor. This was possible thanks to a combination of our MT.T transport solutions, a conveyor belt & sliding spirals. Every medicine is quickly delivered to the 3 separate counters on the ground floor.

Pharmacy Kinget is also the founder of “Zorgpunt”, which means that home care equipment is available at the pharmacy. Thanks to the delivery robot, all employees now have the time to carefully guide the patient and give tailor-made advice.

Fact: the pharmacy has opted for a glass ceiling above the counters. So if you look up while waiting, you can see the robot at work.

Pharmacy Kinget_Meditech reference
Pharmacy Kinget_Belgian client
Pharmacie Kinget_MT.MATIC wall dispenser
Pharmacy Kinget_custommade pharmacy robot