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Pharmacie Pince vent (FR)

La ‘Pharmacie Pince Vent’ (Ile de France, France) is located in the large Pince Vent shopping centre. After doing some research on the technology of the Meditech pharmacy robots, Mr Chelly chose us to automate his pharmacy.

Our customized robot MT.XL (12,00×3,50 m) and the 2 automatic loading modules (MT.OPTIMAT) have really improved the daily work environment of the pharmacy, and the robot has become an important member of the team.

During a follow-up visit, we asked Mr Chelly some questions about his experience with Meditech.

  • What do you think are the most important benefits of a Meditech pharmacy robot?

The calmness of the back office! Since I installed your robot my back office is tidy and peaceful.
Quick storage of my orders, management of my expired orders and delivery of products.
The robot saves a lot of our time, to the advantage of our patients, our new mission.

  • How did you choose Meditech?

When you research the technology Meditech uses, the price is reasonable and the cost of maintenance is attractive. I have a very good relationship with the Meditech sales team.

  • How long did it take you to adapt to the robot?

The handling of the robot is very intuitive, especially regarding the delivery of the medicines. The helpdesk hotline is also available to assist us with any questions.

  • How did your team react to the arrival of the robot?

The team reacted very enthusiastically when they learned that we were installing a Meditech pharmacy robot. Especially when they heard the robot requires less staff time than our previous robot.

Monsieur Chelly avec son robot Meditech
robot meditech
chargeur automatique médicaments
Photo de façade de la pharmacie pince vent robotisée Meditech
pharmacie pince vent
pharmacie pince vent
pharmacie pince vent
sortie toboggan meditech pour notre robot de pharmacie mt.xl