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Pharmacie de l’Archange (FR)

‘Pharmacie de l’Archange in Marmoutier (Grand Est region, France) is a rural pharmacy that has been working with Meditech solutions since 2018. Michel Brockers, pharmacy manager explains with pleasure why he chose to work with us.

Michel BROCKERS, Doctor of Pharmacy, Pharmacy Manager of Pharmacie de l’Archange:

“After having carefully compared all the pharmacy automation solutions, my choice fell, without hesitation, on Meditech.

Indeed, they were able to offer me a hybrid robot and automaton as well as 2 automatic loaders, the whole being of an exemplary compactness. 

The floor space being very small, this leaves a lot of space available for the sales area and the back office. The screens are also part of the “home” offer which is a plus. Reliability is of course at the rendezvous which makes it an essential machine. “

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