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What’s in a name

What’s in a name… a well-known phrase by the famous Shakespeare. We thought for this month it would be fun to discuss how creative we can get in giving names.

But first, let’s start with our own brand name.

For Meditech, the link with our identity/profession is clear: Medi (Medical) and Tech (technology). So the connection is easily made with the fact that we do the technical stuff for the healthcare market.

And now, let’s get creative

The meaning of/ behind names is not always that obvious. Often we give certain names that sound elegant, funny or cool, have a deeper meaning, or have a link to a relative or friend.

By naming your robot, you can give them an original identity and really make them part of your pharmacy team. Because let’s be honest, he does all those repetitive tasks that are very time-consuming.

We already have heard some very creative names and seen a lot of robots being baptized as a true member of the team. Some examples :

  • R2D2
  • WALL-E
  • And the list goes on.

As you see, you can really go creative and choose a name that fits within the identity of your pharmacy team!

Did you also know?

Did you know that the ‘term’ pharmacy robot also has a lot of synonyms? We’ve done some research and a pharmacy robot is not always a pharmacy robot.

We can talk about a :

  • medicine loading robot
  • pharmacy stock robot
  • medicine stock automation
  • robotic drug dispenser
  • medicine drug dispenser
  • storage & retrieval pharmacy robot

We also find it interesting to know what our robot is called in other languages. In Germany, they call it “Kommisionierautomat”, in France “ robot de pharmacie” and in Spain “robot de farmacia”. In Greece, they talk about ‘ρομπότ φαρμακείου’ and in Japan ‘薬局ロボット.

OK, we admit, these last two, we’ve just used Deepl.com to check if it was correct 😉.