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The MT.XS is the ready-to-use pharmacy robot


The MT.XS delivery robot is an entry level model that offers the chief benefits of automation.

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The MT.OPTIMAT load module is the perfect solution for all your storage management


The MT.OPTIMAT is the total solution in automation. With a single press of a button the pharmacy robot loads all medication fully automatically.

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The MT.INTEGRATED is a load module fully integrated within your pharmacy robot


Our MT.INTEGRATED is an automatic load module that is fully integrated into your pharmacy robot. Perfect for pharmacies that wish to benefit from this automated solution but have limited space. With 100% customer satisfaction, this is the most reliable automatic loading system on the market.

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MT.SPEED Ultrafast delivery module for pharmacy robot


Our MT.SPEED offers ultrafast delivery of a selection of products (high runners). The hybrid combines the intelligence of a pharmacy robot with the speed of an automat. In other words, a true added value to the team.

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MT.T transport solutions to transport a medicine box from point A to B


Our MT.T options move medication quickly and efficiently to the counter or workshop.

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The MT.VISION screens are the digital solution for your pharmacy.


Our MT.VISION digital touch screens give your pharmacy that little bit extra. A digital OTC wall, attractive product displays and shop windows that stop passers-by in their tracks: our screens do all of that and more.

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