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Apothekers genieten van een vrij moment door de automatische inlaadmodule

Take back time to give advice

With a pharmacy robot you get more from your job because you can concentrate on your core advisory role and develop into a genuine patient coach. The robot reduces your stress levels by relieving you and your staff of a large number of tasks.


Medicijn wordt gescand door de apotheekrobot

Less human error

To err is human but no one will deny they’d rather avoid human error if possible. A robot lets you limit those human mistakes to an absolute minimum. All medication is registered using the 2D matrix code – this means the robot will eject wrong deliveries. The retrieval of medication for patients also takes place with a minimal margin of error.

Aflever robot gevuld met medicijnen

More stock control

Constantly checking your stock levels is very labour-intensive and time-consuming. Thanks to your pharmacy robot this is no longer necessary because the robot monitors your stock levels for you. No more overstock, shortages or dead stock! The robot notifies you when you need to order more of a specific product and also keeps you apprised of unsold stock.