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A robot colleague, what now?

Your pharmacy robot is installed, and the team is trained. What to do now? How do we adjust the routines of a pharmacy with the new robot colleague that gives you extra time?

  • Reprioritize the Tasks of the Team

The team members who organized and processed the wholesale orders can now focus on other valuable tasks. They can help at the counter, prepare medications, or advise on specific products (like beauty and supplements). They will certainly not be bored since the robot is handling stocking duties.

  • Use Extra Time at the Counter to Talk to Your Patients

While waiting for the order to arrive at the counter, you can already give medication instructions, saving time for both the patient and you. This face-to-face contact is also perfect for upselling products. Inform patients about special promotions or introduce a new skincare brand. Engage in small talk and get to know your patients better.

  • Offer Extra Patient Services

With more free time and a focus on patient care, you can now invest in services like vaccination, one-on-one counseling with chronic patients, and assistance with medication schemes for elderly people. These services add value and strengthen the bond with your patients.

  • Organize Educational Workshops

Educating patients about healthcare is vital. Workshops are perfect for covering serious topics (diabetes, smoking cessation) and fun ones like skincare and makeup. These workshops can boost sales and attract more people to your pharmacy.

  • Digitalize the Pharmacy

Use your extra time to set up a social media account and connect daily with your patients. This will spotlight your pharmacy and keep you top of mind. Additionally, offer digital services. For example, a webshop combined with our sales and collect modules will provide 24/7 patient service.

  • Work-Life Balance

Don’t forget yourself and your team. Use the extra time for breaks, self-care, and learning. This not only aids professional growth but also ensures you remain motivated and passionate about your work.


Integrating pharmacy robots presents a unique opportunity for pharmacists to expand their roles. By focusing on patient care, continuous education, operational improvements, community engagement, personal well-being, and embracing digitalization, pharmacists will significantly enhance their impact on healthcare delivery.