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Our digital range as the perfect summer tool

Sun is shining, the weather is sweet.

Summer is finally here and we are loving it. Late night BBQ, a day at the beach, relaxing in the sun, there is nothing better right? Unless we come home looking like a lobster or eaten alive by insects.

We know, that you know, that you play a crucial role in the prevention of skin cancer, in choosing the right sunscreen, in helping to prepare their travel medication kit… So we only want to remind you that our digital products are the perfect tool to keep your patients informed. As repetition is the mother of all wisdom. 😉

Digital screens: MT.VISION

Digital screens are an easy way to show your summer promotions, inform your patients and promote new summer products in your range. Hang a screen behind your counter, in your pharmacy or put one in your shopping window for people passing by.

You can use our wide range of templates/ready-to-use content in the Lochting database and quickly create summer product pages for your pharmacy.

Sales & collect module : MT.MATIC

Our MT.MATIC lets you generate extra sales during your summer break, the weekend or holidays. So don’t forget to create a ‘summer proof’ category where your patients can easily find what they need.

Meditech wishes you a lovely summer! 🌞

We wish you a relaxing summer holiday with lots of fun and lovely summer evenings. Know that your pharmacy robot is doing the stock management and that your pharmacy is in great hands.

Even during these summer months, you can count on our after-sales service that will be available 24/7.

Enjoy your summer! 😎