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A cooling module for your pharmacy robot
The MT.COOL is an in-built cooling module for your pharmacy robot. It keeps your products refrigerated between a guaranteed temperature of 2 °C and 8 °C.
Guaranteed temperature between 2°C & 8°C
Unique opening system via roller blind
Cooling via 'dry air' technology to prevent damped cardboard boxes
Easy maintance thanks to centred 'technology block'


Guaranteed temperature between 2°C & 8°C

Beside our unique opening system (roller blind), the temperature is assured via a 'Glided Wind' circulation system, which distributes cold air evenly throughout the module.

100% correct stock

The MT.COOL is built inside the robot to give you all the advantages of fully automated 100 % correct stock. From now on, your cooled products are registered in the robot software and delivered according to the FEFO method (First Expire, First Out).


The module has several control points to ensure the ideal temperature for your medicines and anticipates when the temperature is becoming too low or too high. Constant temperature monitoring is therefore guaranteed.

Time & space saving

External fridges are no longer necessary in your back-office. Our MT.COOL is the perfect tool for an automated 'cool products' stock. Saving you time and even space.

Easy maintenace

The module's technology is centred in one 'technology block'. This means ease of access and quick & easy replacement if necessary.

High-quality materials

The cooling module was developed with high-quality materials and state of the art technology. The MT.COOL is fully insulated to ensure energy efficiency. It defrosts and evaporates automatically, while our 'dry air technology ' prevents carboard boxes from becoming damp.


Internal temperature

2° – 8°C

Environment conditions

10°C – 25°C and 60%RH


Max. capacity MT.XS: 26 shelves/module
Max. capacity MT.XL: 21 shelves/module

W x H x D

994 x 1905 x 315 mm

Electrical supply

220 – 240 V

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