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Unified Commerce Garden for your pharmacy.
Lochting is a new and powerful platform, specifically designed for pharmacists. Its purpose is to centralise and manage both your online & offline activities. It helps you reach your patients wherever they are and however they want. And the best part is that you don't even have to invest a lot of time to make this work! Meditech Pharma developed Lochting together with digital agency Baldwin.
Pre-made layouts and templates for your screens, webshop, adverts …
Save space: one advertising screen replaces some of the printed advertisements.
Automatic connection to Medipim
Solid connection to all Meditech products (robots, screens ...)


Reach your patients in their home

Allow your patients to buy your products whenever it suits them best. With Lochting, we made it easy for you to get started - your webshop is just a few clicks away.

Offer solutions near your pharmacy

Shorten your patients' waiting time and connect Lochting to the Meditech vending maching (MT.matic). You can now offer your clients to pick up and buy your products whenever they want, even after closing hours.

Advertise & educate in your pharmacy

Use digital advertising screens to tell your patients about new products, promotions, holidays ... You can even spread information after hours if your screen is easily visible from outside.


Lochting introduces the beginning of a new era. The chaos of standalone tools is now part of the past. Going online as a pharmacist is no longer extremely time consuming. Because with Lochting, you manage all your digital efforts on one platform. From your online pharmacy to in-store digital advertising.

  • Ready-to-use templates to build your webshop & presentations.
  • Manage all digital efforts in one place.
  • Save space: use a digital screen to inform your patients.
  • Receive pre-made digital advertisements from suppliers.
  • Up to date product database thanks to the automatic connection to Medipim.
  • New opportunities for your patients to buy your products after closing time.
  • All Meditech products are compatible with Lochting.

Read more about all the advantages on the Lochting website.

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