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Upselling with digital communication

Upselling: digital communication

Never underestimate the power of upselling in your pharmacy. Upselling benefits all parties involved. It’s not about expanding a purchase, it’s about improving it. You convince your customers to choose better products or items that go together because they’re a better fit for their needs.

Upselling allows you to offer new opportunities to patients. Things they haven’t thought of, or didn’t know existed. You’ll find this sales technique everywhere. From the supermarket that actively promotes new products to the car dealership that focuses on fancy options for their newest model. Its purpose is to raise customer’s happiness – which is why you don’t push just any product or addition on them.

Upselling in your pharmacy

Thanks to you selling better or matching products, you heighten the chances of clients being happy with their purchase. They not only enjoy fitting solutions, but can also count on your profound and personalized advice. This results in a certain loyalty to your pharmacy, as well as mouth-to-mouth publicity. That way, the happiness of your patients instantly positively reflects on your pharmacy.

Through the use of digital communication, you can easily present new products to patients, raising their interest. You can then pick up your role as advisor and tell them about its benefits, convincing them why it’s a must-buy. There are several phases in upselling:

Phase 1: inform people about the product’s existence

In this phase, you inform people about new or matching products. Think of a sunscreen brand that launched an aftersun formula or ultra hydrating cream. You’ll want to push these products in your pharmacy during summer time. Luckily, this is possible without physically displaying everything. 

Thanks to digital screens such as Meditech MT.Vision, you’re able to show new products and promotions. Think of it as a digital counter. This phase focuses on 2 types of clients. The first group just encountered the product, peaking their interest. They’ll count on you for more information before their purchase. 

The second group already knows the product and doesn’t need more information. They are already more likely to purchase, and your reminder might be the final push.

Phase 2: inform about the product’s function

This phase is most important for patients who just get to know the product. They will look for you for advice to properly inform them about that new day cream or aftersun.

Digital communication comes in helpful during this phase. You can for instance feature new items on your webshop’s homepage, or send a dedicated newsletter. It’s of course also possible to inform patients when they are present in your pharmacy. Digital screens such as our MT.Vision allow you to showcase products, but also instantly tell patients about their function and why someone would need them.

Phase 3: inform about the product’s superiority

You’ll start comparing products during this phase, explaining why this one product is better than other, often cheaper variants. You shed a light on its added value. Something you’ll likely do by combining digital and verbal communication. You’ll explain to patients why the more expensive product is the better choice, or why the matching products are necessary – like the sunscreen and aftersun combination.

As a pharmacist, digital communication is perfect for swift and focused communication concerning specific products. You inform patients about the product offering, how to use the products and why they are their best option.

Keep in mind that transparency is key. Upselling is about products that are worth it, and that’s something your patients have to experience themselves. It’s necessary they feel good purchasing what you advised them, and that they’re happy with it.

Interested in the power of upselling? Take a look at our solutions and enable this in your pharmacy as well.