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Custom-made pharmacy robot
The MT.XL dispensing robot is a fully modular robot designed according to the customer’s wishes. It has a flexible design and is compatible with all Meditech options. The pharmacy robot ensures flawless stock management, giving you the promised peace of mind.
Fully tailored to the customer thanks to its flexible design (location door, colour,...)
Requires less maintenance (non-rotating arm, no mechanical moving parts)
Maximises the storage capacity of the robot (through flex storage)
Robot with the smallest floor width: 1.5 m
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Multi-picking & multi-packaging arm

The robot arm can deliver multiple packages of different dimensions at the same time.

Non-rotating manipulator

The boxes are grasped/deposited both left and right on the manipulator.

Silent operation

Maintenance-free and fully enclosed guides ensure silent operation

Electronic load module

Load module without mechanical moving parts demands less maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance to guarantee optimum functioning of the pharmacy robot.

Continuous image recording

Two cameras on the manipulator monitor and record every movement.



The robot has a fully custom-made design.


L: from 4 to 12 m (in 500mm increments)
H: from 2 m to 3.5m (in 75mm increments)
B: 1.5 m


The robot can be placed in the basement, on the 1st floor, behind OTC wall,…


Maximum storage capacity: 60,000 packages


The MT.XL robot can be combined with every robot upgrade and digital solution.

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