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Mental health in your pharmacy

September is often linked to the end of summer and, of course, summer holidays. It can also be a stressful month as school restarts & the daily routine of life is kicking in. Losing yourself in this routine is often dangerous for your mental health. One of the most common issues of today’s busy society.

As a community pharmacist, you know your patient through & through. You can easily notice when something is wrong or if he/she behaves differently. It is important that you are educated about the most common symptoms and that you know how to act.

But let’s not forget about your mental health! We all know that pharmacists have a lot on their minds and that your days are filled with busy moments. As Meditech wants to give you daily peace of mind, we want to share these tips to improve your mental health.

  • Take care of your body by eating & drinking healthy

This is not always easy as eating healthy asks for preparation & consumes more time than microwave dinners. Thankfully there are already lots of great food box suppliers who deliver healthy meals.

And of course, drink lots of water 😉.

  • Learn several tricks on how to deal with stress

Unfortunately, there will be a moment where stress will take the upper hand. When you are feeling overwhelmed, a breathing technique is always a great way to calm down.

  • Quiet your mind

Read a book, watch your favourite TV show, exercise,… It doesn’t matter how you do it but you must try to clear your mind & process the events of each day.

  • Sleep well

Sleeping enough hours per night is important for your mental & physical health.

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  • Last but not least, be nice to you

Society already puts a lot of pressure on us, so why are we doing the same?

Nobody is perfect & nobody should be. So, start to love yourself in every unique way, the world would be boring if we were all the same. ❤