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24/7 customer service

E-commerce plays a big role in our current society as every client is becoming accustomed to a 24/7 service. Even for a local pharmacist, being online is a must.

As Meditech wants to guide you in every step you take to grow your business, we want to share some tips & tricks from our marketing team.

  • Be present on social media

We can’t even imagine the time before Instagram, Facebook and other social media. Everybody is connected and searching for information on these digital platforms. So as a pharmacist, these are a great way to keep your patients informed and close, even after opening hours.

To help you post regularly, we recommend creating a content calendar. This handy tool lets you think in advance about what to post, you’ll never forget an important holiday and it will even save you time. That’s all we want, right?

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  • Create a user-friendly website

Your website is the face of your pharmacy, but online. Make sure it is easy-to-use so every patient can find your info in just a few clicks. Also, focus on a design that resembles the look of your pharmacy. The interior photos can even stimulate a trip to your pharmacy.

  • Invest in a webshop

A webshop is an ideal tool to stimulate extra sales for your pharmacy. Those patients that are always busy can buy products whenever & wherever they want on your webshop. If it is doable, you can arrange a delivery service with an electric bike in your village/city.

Did you know that your ‘local’ webshop can actually offer a better service than many major online players? If you combine your service with our sales & collect modules, the patient can even pick up their order the same day, when it fits them best.

  • Meditech digital solutions

We know that these tips are easy to write and that they require a lot of time & thought to manage. To guide you on this digitalisation journey, we’ve developed several products to make your life easier. Our MT.Vision touchscreens and sales & collect modules, all powered by an easy-to-use software platform (Lochting).

So let’s start your digital journey! 🤓💻

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