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Pharmacy Lavie in Biganos (FR)

This brand new Aprium pharmacy is situated in Biganos, close to the Bassin d’Archachon in a very dynamic commercial area.

Pharmacist Claire and her husband Thomas made a brave choice in January 2021 when they decided to move their pharmacy to a new location in a medical centrum.
After several months of working in what was an old car garage, Thomas and Claire moved their whole pharmacy in one weekend to their new location.
The final result is beautiful, the low furniture gives a nice field of view and space to the pharmacy. The modern Aprium merchandising fits perfectly in this context.

Why choose to use a robot in your pharmacy?
After Claire and Thomas already used a MACH4 robot in their previous pharmacy, they decided to switch to a Meditech robot so that they could benefit the interesting options of Meditech.
“The team was already used to working with a robot, it would be a mistake to not install one again in our new pharmacy”.
Thomas adds:
“I prefer our team to give advice to our clients than wasting time on storing boxes. The Meditech loading module, MT.Optimat, prevents these time consuming tasks.

How do you know Meditech?
“After consulting, Meditech had a very innovative and reliable image.”
Claire and Thomas met several robot providers to be sure that they made the right choice. Advantages that led them to choosing Meditech:
“Every provider has its advantages, but we chose Meditech because of the price, the positive client feedback, the loading module and the stock optimalisation.
Equipped with the MT.Speed solution, the pharmacy can deliver 15 boxes in less than 3 seconds. An interesting solution for pharmacies with high spontaneous traffic.

And for the team?
For them, it’s a joy to be free of manual labor that does not involve helping the client. We also started a rotating system to alternate the person who registers orders. Thanks to the intuitive interface of Meditech, the whole team feels comfortable using the robot, which was not the case in our previous pharmacy location.
The time we win with the robot, we use for guiding the patient and educate on new brands.

Meditech can already predict that this new pharmacy will be a success, due to its modernity, its strategic location and of course our Meditech installation. Meditech is proud the be partner of Claire and Thomas and to help them in relieving their daily tasks.