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What made you choose a Meditech pharmacy robot?

We needed a robot for our pharmacy that worked very quickly and reliably. Certain flexibility from the manufacturer of the delivery robot was also important to us. The established manufacturers of pharmacy robots could not offer us an individual solution, but only their standard products. Meditech was very flexible here and developed special solutions for us. 
Another factor was the unbeatable monthly maintenance costs.

 What are the biggest advantages of using the robot?

90% of our stock is stored in the delivery robot. This gives us a quick overview of the actual stock. Even at high frequency, the Meditech robot is very fast due to multi picking and customers benefit from short waiting times.

What differences does working with a pharmacy robot make for your team?

We have much more time for advice. You don’t have to go away from the customer to get the medicines from the drawers. So the staff gains more time for advice and that is a huge competitive advantage in today’s world.

Can you briefly describe the cooperation with Meditech?

The whole project received excellent support from Meditech. The first meeting with the sales department was very productive. Here we were asked about our wishes and requirements for the robot.

In another meeting, Meditech also brought its experience with many installations and advised us to implement an automated solution. Because we also wanted to take medicines directly into our cleanroom for blistering, we needed a locking function for the machine. This showed the innovative spirit of the company. Such a solution did not yet exist.

Within a short time, such a solution was developed with us as the user and the commissioning ventilation contractor. After just under half a year, we were able to use the airlock function to supply the cleanroom. Due to the special official regulations for the storage of medicines in Germany, we had to find a solution for the separation of the stock of goods between the blister department and the ordinary pharmacy. This was also new for Meditech. However, at the time of installation, this was also carried out without any problems. The installation of our two machines was very professional. A well-trained installation team installed the two robots in just under 5 working days. Although the pharmacy was still under construction and many other contractors were working on the site. The training for the pharmacy robots also went smoothly.

If exceptionally, there are problems with the robot, the helpdesk is competent and quickly available.

Would you recommend Meditech because…?

I would recommend Meditech because:

  • the service is good.
  • The sales department doesn’t tell lies about the storage capacity.
  • The technology of the machine is mature and the machine is very fast.
  • The maintenance cost is very economical.
  • They are also open to special solutions.