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Pharmacy ‘Apotheek Hertecant’ (BE)

‘Apotheek Hertecant’ is a beautiful new-built pharmacy in Berlare, the Flemish part of Belgium. The new building was constructed on the parking of the old pharmacy and designed with the automation products already in mind. You can say, they first chose the placement of the products and afterwords, they built around it.

The owner obviously did his homework and looked at every supplier of pharmacy robots, but in the end, Meditech won.

Our pharmacy robot MT.XL in combination with our automatic loading module MT.INTEGRATED. These automation products ensure optimal stock management. Now, customers can also enjoy 24/7 customer service with our sales & collect module MT.MATIC PRO. 

“Nobody wants to go back to a time without a Meditech robot.”

As the interior design was so inviting, we had an interview to talk about the owner’s experience.