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Pharmacie Prado Mermoz (FR)

Pharmacy ‘Prado Mermoz’ is a big pharmacy located in the heart of Marseille (France). The owner (Mr. Gianonne) contacted Meditech as he wasn’t happy about his old automation solution. He worked with us on another project and was convinced Meditech could fulfill his needs.

“We are very satisfied with Meditech. We recommend them!”

The main challenge was keeping the pharmacy running while replacing the old despensing robots. We had to keep in mind that there are about 2500 clients a day and the robots are in the basement. The result: two 12m long MT.XL robot with our automatic loading module MT.OPTIMAT. The counters are served by a sophisticated aero-com system to transport the ordered medicines from the basement to the pharmacy.

As we are quite proud of the project, we had a little trip to Marseille. You can find the result here.